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Kaliningrad Oblast is geographically interesting. It is situated between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, physically separated from the rest of Russia.

Historically, the region is German and the capital was known as Königsberg and it consists of the northern half of historic East Prussia.In 1807 the region played host to the armies of Napoleon at the great battlefields of Eylau and Friedland. At a raft on the river Niemen at Tilsit, the fate of Europe was decided between the French and Russian emperors.

The Kaliningrad Oblast thus has only been part of Russia since 1945. Many towns in Kaliningrad Oblast are on the Baltic Sea coast, and have beautiful sandy beaches. It is also the heart of old Prussian kingdom of Brandenburg-Prussia with many ruins of old castles and forts dotting the landscape.
Today, Kaliningrad combines the attributes of a modern Russian city with those of a traditional European one.Both German and Russian histories are proudly being preserved and promoted, allowing for Kaliningrad to move forward as a destination of historic interest and cultural enjoyment.


1. This land is full of historical and cultural monuments of the past ideal for the inquisitive tourist to explore.

2. Here, the classic German art and sciences were born and developed. Amongst the prominent persons of Koenigsberg were the composer Richard Wagner, the artist Kathe Kolwitz, the sculp-tor Herman Brachert, the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the writer Ernst Hoffman, the astronomer Fridrich Bessel and many others.

3. The unique sea resorts on the Baltic shore attract many tourists from both Russia and abroad.

4. Our region is famous for splendid recreational facilities and has a well-developed tourist infra-structure with high quality service.

5. The Baltic Sea air is rich in iodine and produces beneficial effects on people's health.

6. Health centers of the Baltic resorts in the Kaliningrad region as well as in Poland and Lithua-nia are noted for their high standard medical treatment and recuperation services.

7. Discover for yourself the world of amazing natural landscapes, the boundless surface of the dark-blue sea, the expanding vast stripes of the coastline sand dunes, the picturesque steep cliffs, the pine-tree woods and the clean lakes and rivers, where you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also enjoy fishing.

8. Our region is not only known for its ancient history and eminent people who lived here, it's also known as the land rich in minerals, flourishing with innumerable green nooks. Nature itself has worked on it to create all conditions for rest, health improvement and recovery

9. Our region is also a place for international cultural events, which is facilitated by the region's unique geographic position.

10. And, finally, our city is inhabited by friendly and beautiful people. You don't believe it? Check it for yourself!

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